Commited self employed crafters raising a family and doing what we love.

We are the second generation of a small family business that has been making jewelry and ornaments in Corvallis for more than forty years. I grew up with the business and have slowly learned the skills of our craft. I paid my way through college by selling jewelry at Saturday Market and arts festivals with April. Since graduating from the U of O , we have been full time jewelers. We are constantly striving to come up with new designs and to expand our abilities. It is our goal to make durable and functional jewelry that is unique and attractive.

We use bronze, copper, nickel silver, sterling silver, and aluminum in our jewelry and ornaments. We enjoy experimenting with shapes, textures, and different mixtures of metals. I hand cut the metal to create various shapes, sizes, and lengths. I use an oxy-acetylene torch to braze the different pieces of bronze, copper and silver together. I use pliers, hammers, mandrels and a drill to refine the jewelry and ornaments.

April assists with designing and finishing the jewelry and ornaments. Ian and Niya occasionally help out in the studio. We take pride in the fact that we are the producers of our work from its design to its creation. We enjoy collaborating together in the many phases of our work and operating our business from home while raising our kids. We of course sell our work here on Etsy, but you can also find us at arts and crafts festivals and galleries throughout the Northwest.

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